There are no Lessons in Module 5;
There are no new patterns to learn

This is a Homework Assignment only Module.

Up to this point, all the Lessons of this course were focused on learning patterns for which there is a question and you listen for certain language characteristics to recognize which pattern the person is using in answering the question.

If you have been practicing the homework assignments up to this point, you will have done about 48 of the assigned mini-profile interviews. With this practice, you will have become somewhat comfortable asking the question and listening for the characteristics of the response.

Starting in the next module, you will start learning pattern scales for which there are no questions. This means that when you are asking questions for other parts of the profile, you will be paying attention to whichever language characteristics show up for all of the different scales of the profile.

That means paying attention to all of the scales all the time.

To be good at doing this with the Bailey Profile™, you will need to start noticing the language characteristics a person uses, whenever anyone says anything. This requires stretching your recognition skills to a new level of intensity.

For those of you were were trained with the LAB Profile, and who have done enough of those profile interviews (50 complete profiles with feedback of all the patterns you noticed seems to be the threshold where this skill become apparent)  you will be ready for these next profile scales. But, for those of you who have not reached this threshold, you will have to do a lot of profile interview practice before the next module.

Bailey Profile Interview Practice

Here is what you will need to do in the next week:

You will use the profile form you received for the practice in Module 4.  You will need to interview 18 people in this next week. And, after you interview the person, you will need to immediately give that person feedback about all of the patterns you discovered in that interview. Module 4 Practice version of the Bailey Profile™ Worksheet

If you have been giving folks feedback in your homework practice, you will be ahead of the game. If you have not been giving feedback yet, then you will feel the stretch for your skill level by completing this assignment.

In the next module, you will learn three of the profile’s patterns. Two of these have questions and one does not. This homework assignment will prepare you for being effective in the next module.

But the module after that (Module  7), has 4 patterns and although there is a question on the profile form for two of those patterns, you really don’t need to use that question because the person you will be interviewing will probably have already given you all 4 of those patterns in answers to other questions.

This homework assignment is getting your brain ready for finding Bailey Profile™ whenever anyone speaks.

Before you start the next module, perform 18 profile interviews using the practice profile form from Module 4. I know that 18 sounds like a lot of interviews, but it is only 3 per day. Immediately give the person feedback about the patterns you have discovered.


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