Bailey Profile Beta-Testing

Bailey Profile™ Beta-Testing

The Bailey Profile™ is ready for beta-testing.

This means that I have created the training program and it needs to be field tested and refined to make sure it trains people properly in the use of the Bailey Profile™. I know that people will learn the Bailey Profile™ through this training program. I’m asking all of you beta-testing participants to help me make it complete, elegant, and useful for you and for each other.

I found it to be fascinating and am really looking forward to the next step. There were a couple of things about myself that I found surprising and I will spend some time thinking about how this is impacting on where I am at present. I would encourage you to join.
Michelle, Lancashire, England

How to use this site: The training is installed in the page titled Training Program. You find the links to this page in the black menu bar under the trees in the header of each page. When you roll your mouse over Training Program in the menu, you see a drop-down menu with the eight modules listed. When you roll over individual modules, you see the additional drop-down list of the individual lessons in that module.

The LAB profile has already helped me hugely with my work, helping those with dyslexia, dyscalculia and autism and their parents and teachers. It even helped me to ‘understand’ my husband and daughters. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours and discovering more so that I can help even more people, including myself!
Mavis, UK

  • Each of these modules has 2 to 4 lessons.
  • Each of the lessons are in streaming video so you can start and stop them anywhere you want in each video.
  • Each of these lessons will have at least one PDF document which you will want to print. I’ll give you suggestions about how many copies you will need for each of these pages.
  • As soon as you register for participation in this program, you will be able to access Module1.
  • Every week you will have access to the next module in the series.
  • You retain your access to the whole program for one year. So you can go into any of the modules at any time in that year to study the whole lesson or to view a part of that lesson again.

An OUTSTANDING piece of work. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. The profile throws up a number of points, issues and questions which warrant further investigation and discussion and I look forward to developing my knowledge of the Bailey profile at the earliest opportunity. I would recommend everyone to participate.

There is a Forum as part of this site. You should go to that Forum and complete a forum post introducing yourself. Take some time to get yourself familiar with the operation of the forum. Some of your assignments will involve interactions with other participants in the forum, so it will help you to be comfortable with the Forum. You find the Forum in the menu.

One more thing about the Forum. You will not be able to make comments anywhere else on this site. So, if you find something in this program you want to talk with the trainer or other participants, you will have to do that in the forum.

I have found that I keep getting insights from the profile. “Oh, that’s why I have trouble with this, or that’s why I’m better when I work in this way”. If anyone is considering this, I would strongly recommend it.
Frank, USA

There is a Private Message feature in this site. This is an important feature of the site and you should go there and establish your preferences in Settings. The Private Message feature is also in the Menu.

Getting Started

Go here to start the first Lesson in the first Module,
or register if you haven’t already done so.

Rodger Bailey, MS
Developer of The Bailey Profile™

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